Southern Nevada Pickleball

Get involved in helping us introduce Pickleball to school age girls & boys.

Let's teach them a sport they will play for a lifetime!

Anthem Senior Open Tournament - May 23 and 24, 2024

PickleCon 2024

More than 100 courts in the Kansas City Convention Center
80 vendors f...

Nevada Senior Games

Registration is now open at the Seniors Games website via their system hosted by...


Southern Nevada Youth Pickleball

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Clark County Middle School & High School Program

Our relationship with the Clark County School District Community Partnership Office has allowed us to have a positive impact of introducing Pickleball to the public schools.

Volunteers have introduced our sport to over twenty Middle Schools and two High Schools in Clark County.  We need to keep the momentum going, and to do so we will need an army of volunteers working in concert. We can accomplish this if we join hands.  Can we count on you to help?

Building Youth Teams

Our goal is to introduce Pickleball to school age girls and boys (outside of school) who can have fun playing the sport on a recreational basis and competitively in an organized setting.

Those of us who are parents and grandparents take pride in watching our children and grandchildren compete in sports. Why should we, the adults, be the only ones playing the best sport ever! Wouldn't it be great to see them playing and competing with other girls and boys their own age?  Help us make a robust Youth Pickleball Program in Southern Nevada a reality.